Outfit Post: TKY Guide Part 4 – Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse





Midi skirt


Fashion Bento


Rio Dienn










Stripe top – Zara | Faux fur vest – Forever 21 | Skirt – Forever 21
Clutch – Zara | Booties – Aldo | Bracelets & necklace – Mikoto

Hello again!
Spring has truly arrived here in Tokyo. The cherry blossoms have bloomed and the roads are now speckled with pink petals. I guess it’s part of the magic but it’s a little depressing that it only lasts for ~2 weeks. I haven’t even had a chance to really enjoy them yet! If the weather permits, I’m hoping to take an outfit post with the sakura this weekend so fingers crossed!

I never thought I would but I’m totally digging this flared midi skirt trend (also called midi circle skirts). This black one from F21 is the one and only I own so far. Key words – so far ;)
Also, as a side note, I truly believe that a nautical striped top should be a closet staple. It’s as versatile as a plain white/black tee but with so much more personality. It suits everyone and most importantly, it never goes out of style!

These photos were taken about 2 weeks ago when the weather finally started warming up. Woo hoo, bare legs! Goodbye tights!
The last few ones were taken in Yokohama, specifically, near the red brick warehouse (http://www.yokohama-akarenga.jp/ – sorry, Japanese only!). They often have events like beer/food festivals, art fairs, markets, etc. taking place in the open area. You’ll also find the ever so popular Bills restaurant in one of the brick warehouses. Be warned, the lines are always ridiculous. I think you can make dinner reservations but you would have to do so several weeks in advance so plan ahead! The restaurant photos at the end of the post were taken in Grip (http://grip-yokohama.com/), an organic restaurant also in the warehouse. Atmosphere 9/10, food 7.5/10.
The red brick warehouses are right by the water so it’s great as a walk in between shopping at the numerous Yokohama malls or restaurant-hopping in Chinatown :)


Outfit Post: TKY Guide Part 3 – World Breakfast All Day







World Breakfast All Day


DSC02401 DSC02417





Coat – H&M | Sweater – Zara | Skirt – H&M | Boots – H&M
Belt – H&M | Clutch – Zara | Bracelets & earrings – Mikoto


Hi guys!

Wow, long time no post. Sorry about that >_<
These photos were actually taken in mid-late February when there was still snow on the ground.

The boyfriend and I finally decided to try this breakfast place in Gaienmae called World Breakfast All Day (http://world-breakfast-allday.com). Their concept is to ‘travel the breakfast world'; they serve one country’s traditional breakfast and switch it up 1-2 months. The English breakfast (pictured above) is available all year round. January/February’s country was Belgium so I decided to go for that. I mean how can you say no to waffles?!

The food was pretty good – not bad but definitely not blown away. It was more of a international cuisine experience rather than a stuff-my-face-with-delicious-goodness kind of meal. I would definitely go again to try the other breakfasts. Although it’s quite small, the atmosphere of the restaurant is really cute too.
If you’re thinking about going, I would recommend going before noon to beat the lazy-weekenders crowd. We got there around 1:30 and had to wait about 30min. Plus they ran out of the Belgian breakfast two groups after us – phew!

Now about the outfit.
First, apologies for the low-quality photos. They were taken inside a dimly lit building so it was quite difficult. My fault for deciding to take them after the sun had gone down.
Back in August I featured the “flutter skirt” – a skirt that’s tight around the waist/hip and flares out into wavy pleats (see post here). This style is still very popular today, especially in scuba material.
Like I did in that post in August, I always used to lean towards shorter skirts and wear it so that only the flutter part was exposed – I would cover the tight part with my top. But recently I’ve been crushing on the ones with higher waistlines and longer hemlines. I realized that these styles, when the whole skirt is showing, can make your legs look much longer.
It’s hard to tell from the photos but that’s what I tried this time round. I slightly tucked in my sweater and covered the tuck-in with a big, black belt; allowing the whole skirt to be seen.
Here are some other photos to illustrate what I’m talking about:

What I used to wear:

What I’m trying to wear now:

In conclusion, I would like to be Olivia Palermo. The end.

Outfit Post: TKY Guide Part 2 – Icho Namiki Dori

Fashion Bento




Mikoto Pearls


Sweater – Zara | Skirt – Forever21 | Scarf – Zara
Bag – Zara | Boots – ASOS | Bracelets – Mikoto (www.mikoto.mn)


Hello from snowy Tokyo!
For TKY Guide Part 2, I chose Icho Namiki Dori – a road lined with gingko trees near Gaienmae Station. This road really reminds me of Paris and I love walking down it on a nice day. It’s also a very popular spot for joggers and roller bladers. There’s a good restaurant called Royal Garden Cafe at the entrance of Icho Namiki Dori. My favorite dish is the scallop risotto – super delicious!
I’ve actually taken outfit photos on this road a few times (here and here).
Because of the gingko trees, the best time to visit is late October/early November when the leaves are all bright yellow. Be careful though, every person in Tokyo and their mother will be there so don’t expect quiet, alone time with nature!

And a quick comment regarding the outfit. Just because it’s winter and you’re wearing long sleeves doesn’t mean you can’t wear bracelets! I wore my Mikoto gold pearl bangles over my sweater for some ‘outerwear accessorizing’  :)


道が広いので、いい写真スポットだと思います ^_^
このスカーフはZaraのセールで買いました。スカーフより毛布みたいなので、中に入ったら、膝掛けと使ってます ^_^;
秋・冬はもちろん寒いからほとんど長袖を着ます…だけどブレスレットを付けたい!そういう時、洋服の上にブレスレットを付けてみてください!洋服とブレスレットによりますけど、意外といい感じですよ (^▽^)

Outfit Post: TKY Guide Part I – Omotesando Hills






Rio Dienn



Blouse – Lefties | Pants – Bershka | Faux Fur Coat – Mango
Pumps – Zara (on sale now) | Hat – H&M | Clutch – Zara (on sale now)
Thick gold bangle (left) & gold bangle with pearls – Mikoto (www.mikoto.mn)
Rings – Forever21
Lipstick – Good To Be Bad by MAC

Hello everyone!
Uhm… Happy New Year!  …on January 24th….fail. Sorry for the absence guys!
Hope you all had a wonderful holiday season and a fantastic new years :)

For 2014, I plan on integrating Tokyo city life more into my blog posts. I’ve come to realize that this city is really special and that I should share it’s uniqueness with you all. Of course, this will all be from my point of view – an ‘ex-international school kid’  who has experience living abroad. I think us ‘inter kids’ live in a slightly different world… it’s a more Westernized version of Tokyo. Although I think this sort of lifestyle is a bit close-minded, I think it also shows the tourist-friendly side of Tokyo. Based on my experience, I’ve noticed that many foreigners find the idea of visiting Tokyo quite daunting. I guess it is like navigating through a jungle of lights, people (LOTS), narrow streets, strange writing, and doe eyed anime girls. But you’d be surprised at how many people say, “I can see myself living here,” after they visit.
I don’t plan on doing any fancy, elaborate Tokyo tours (I will say it now, this will NOT be your Lonely Planet guide) but I hope to share photos of my every day life living here and the shops, restaurants, parks, bars, etc. that I like to go to.

With that being said, for my first ‘TKY Guide’ post, I’ve chosen Omotesando Hills.
Omotesando Hills is located in, surprise surprise, Omotesando. It’s one of the high-end shopping districts in Tokyo.
Here are some of my comments regarding this shopping plaza:

  • If you don’t like or can’t afford brand clothing, shops are very limited. Some famous brands inside are: Dolce & Gabbana, Jimmy Choo, YSL, Bottega Veneta, and Harry Winston.
  • I’ve only ever bought something at MAC and Shu Uemura. Oh and a pretty decent smoothie at Forbidden Fruit.
  • As of now (January 2014), there are two huge lines outside of Omotesando Hills. One is for Max Brenner which just opened recently. The other one is for KuKuRuZa Popcorn, a flavored popcorn shop. I haven’t tried either of these places. And I won’t until the lines die down. Japanese people LOVE to line up so the mass of people never equals quality. Do not get lured in! There are plenty of other things you can do than spend 1-2 hours lining up for sugar coated, over heated kernels.
  • The interior design is confusing as hell. Rumor is it’s done on purpose to force you to check out more stores. The inside does look pretty neat though.
  • OVERALL: Go if you’re in the area or an architecture fan.  …or if you want to take outfit pictures :)


なんてもう24日だし… >_< ごめんなさい!

ポップコーンの場所まだまだ並んでるね~ すごいすごい。
ニューヨークにあるチョコレートショップMax Brenner にも人が並んでました。

まだセールやってるお店いっぱいありますね! ^_^

Outfit Post: Slate Gray




Rio Dienn



how to wear a short skirt in the winter

Sweater – H&M | Skirt – Nasty Gal | Boots – H&M | Necklace – H&M

H&M knee high boots

Because I’m wearing TWO Uniqlo heat-tech tops underneath this sweater, I didn’t need to wear a coat over this outfit. That’s the great thing about a loose, thick, knitted sweater; you can never really tell what’s happening underneath :)
Added a bit of holiday sparkle with this new necklace from H&M.
Also tied in the boots with the outfit by sporting a black bag and black scarf.

Stay tuned for a ‘holiday looks’ post!
xx Rio

実はこのセーターの下にはUNIQLO Heat Tech のインナーを二つ着てます!(笑)

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一番多く‘いいね!’ボタンが押された人にはプレゼントが貰えるよ ^_^
詳しくは: http://isetanparknet.com/news_event/page135.html