Outfit Post: City Safari

from left to right: Accessorize (3 chains), handmade Israeli bracelet, Forever21

tourist-y pic with Tokyo Tower in background v( ̄ー ̄)v

cuff from accessory store in Munich, Forever21 chain bracelet, random bangles, ring from accessory store in 109 Shibuya

H&M bouse, Bershka shorts, H&M belt, Zara sandals, H&M clutch, MNG sunglasses

Herro everyone!
It’s only been a week since I returned from my trip to Thailand but I’m already ready for another beach vacation. The weather in Tokyo is unbearable – even for an ex-Miamian like myself. For a hot, humid day like yesterday, there was no.way. I was going to wear pants so I grabbed my new white shorts I bought in Thailand for Sensation. Since they’re quite short (squeezing into a size too small…gotta make some sacrifices when you find a great deal on a sale rack :P), I didn’t want to wear a top that showed a lot of skin. But of course, I wasn’t going to wear a turtleneck and be a walking-sauna so I decided to wear my sheer khaki green blouse which I realized went perfectly with my new Zara sandals I also purchased on sale (¥3,400/$43) in Bangkok. I went along this safari-esque color scheme and accessorized the look with a tan leather belt, brass/gold jewelry, and a leopard print straw clutch.

タイの気温は日本より高いけど、なぜか東京のほうが暑く感じます。やっぱり湿度のせいですかね? ┐(´-`)┌
写真を撮った後、十番祭りに行きました。ヤバいぐらい込んでました!でも焼きそば、コーン、ソーセージと焼き団子食べれたので、幸せでした =^-^=うふっ♪

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